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The advantage of sheets for anodic treatment is their ideal surface flatness and uniform fine-grained metal structure. The mentioned features, which are the result of detailed control of the production process and of limited performance tolerance, cause that the material after anodic treatment gives incredible possibilities for creating both architectural and decorative designs.

Anodic sheets can be used in the following areas:

  • Advertising
  • Construction, architectural applications
  • Inside finishing
  • Equipment housing
  • Production of metal fancy goods
  • 5005 species
  • Hardening state: H 14

Basic range of thickness and width of anodic sheets

Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)
0,8-3Up to 2000Up to 6000


  • aluminium painted foil 0,25 x 400 RAL8004/RAL9005  
    Dostępność: Kraków

Settlement prices LME

Notowania metali (aktualizowane raz dziennie)
Nazwa Cena
 Aluminium 3151,00 2,47% 14 paź
 Cyna 37862,00 0,23% 14 paź
 Cynk 3551,00 4,17% 14 paź
 Miedź 9970,00 3,21% 14 paź
 Nikiel 19287,00 0,29% 14 paź
 Ołów 2329,00 0,00% 14 paź
 Stopy aluminium 2728,00 0,00% 14 paź
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