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Steel fire-resistant systems: facades, doors, windows, roofs


Developing our fire-resistant and ordinary systems, we have widened the range of our products to include steel structures by Jansen. Thanks to its endurance parameters, steel is an indispensable material in modern construction.

The steel metalwork systems by the Swiss producer JANSEN AG have been renowned in the European market for many years as products of excellent quality, compliant to the strictest technical requirements.


Modern architecture reflects the trend towards the maximum penetration of daylight into the interior of buildings. This requires using increasingly larger and thicker glazing, which results in subjecting mullions and transoms to increasingly greater pressure. At the same time, it is required of profiles used in facades to be very small in dimensions and slim in shape.


In comparison to aluminium, steel has considerably better properties as regards construction and usage, in particular:

  • three times greater Young module
  • two times smaller thermal expansion
  • better thermal insulation
  • better sound-proof qualities
  • considerably better resistance to high temperature in the case of fire





Naturally, this does not exclude using aluminium masking strips in curtain walls, set on stainless termination bars. This resolves any doubts concerning resistance of the structure to weather conditions.

Thanks to introducing steel systems, we have considerably extended our production capabilities. Needless to say, on the part of our team it requires additional expertise and skills such as welding, appropriate preparation of the surface for coating, and paying particular attention to obtaining appropriate dimensions


  • aluminium painted foil 0,25 x 400 RAL8004/RAL9005  
    Dostępność: Kraków

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 Aluminium 3151,00 2,47% 14 paź
 Cyna 37862,00 0,23% 14 paź
 Cynk 3551,00 4,17% 14 paź
 Miedź 9970,00 3,21% 14 paź
 Nikiel 19287,00 0,29% 14 paź
 Ołów 2329,00 0,00% 14 paź
 Stopy aluminium 2728,00 0,00% 14 paź
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