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Steel is obtained from liquid iron producedin a blast furnace from coke and iron ore. Comminuted iron ore is sent to the sintering plant, where its coarse-grained sintering is performed. Coke is obtained through processing of carbon in a coke furnace. During this process carbon is refined of all gaseous impurities. The mixture of sintering and coke is then transported to the blast furnace. Burning coke in the temperature of ca. 2000°C enables melting and reduction of iron. Thus obtained, molten pig iron is transported in gigantic vats from the blast furnace to the steel mill, where in  alkaline oxygen converters, steel is produced. At this stage a set amount of scrap iron and flux is added to the pig iron and pure oxygen is blown into it, in order to obtain specific varieties of steel. Molten steel is then subjected to laboratory tests to establish whether the desired chemical composition has been achieved, and later steel is transported in vessels to the foundry, where continuous casting is performed. Here semi-finished steel is obtained, and later turned into finished steel through hot and cold thermal processing.

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  • aluminium painted foil 0,25 x 400 RAL8004/RAL9005  
    Dostępność: Kraków

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Notowania metali (aktualizowane raz dziennie)
Nazwa Cena
 Aluminium 2867,00 0,74% 15 wrz
 Cyna 34362,00 0,20% 15 wrz
 Cynk 3051,00 1,23% 15 wrz
 Miedź 9488,00 0,87% 15 wrz
 Nikiel 19845,00 1,06% 15 wrz
 Ołów 2234,00 -1,63% 15 wrz
 Stopy aluminium 2445,00 -1,01% 15 wrz
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