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Our offer includes sheets made of carbon steel and intended for cold processing and deep drawing, in types DC01+ZE, DC03+ZE and DC04+ZE, produced in compliance with material specification EN 10152 and dimensional specification EN 10131.

The products are available in a wide variety of thickness, both in sheets and coils, and we offer the possibility of cutting the ordered material to the desired length. The materials we offer have certificates proving their compliance with the applicable European norms.


  • aluminium painted foil 0,25 x 400 RAL8004/RAL9005  
    Dostępność: Kraków

Settlement prices LME

Notowania metali (aktualizowane raz dziennie)
Nazwa Cena
 Aluminium 2499,00 1,92% 28 cze
 Cyna 28125,00 2,37% 28 cze
 Cynk 3449,00 0,00% 28 cze
 Miedź 8501,00 1,78% 28 cze
 Nikiel 23875,00 3,02% 28 cze
 Ołów 1989,00 0,40% 28 cze
 Stopy aluminium 1915,00 0,00% 28 cze
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